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Nell Notestine * - , ,,ier.t, and not sorrow, : ' '.-"destined...
, ,,ier.t, and not sorrow, : ' '.-"destined '.-"destined '.-"destined end or way; fi.t, teat each tomorrow 'I ,.! in farther titan today. ' i".'IJH Tt tl.VM. Th,..,, onl of Umpfellou can mil' fV r ,t M omens juw. T(io and am '"" ' . . "ii'nn fiiT- fiiT- i, arc llirl, ,h He firm determina-,,, determina-,,, determina-,,, ;,,. inplish more tomor-p. tomor-p. tomor-p. (!,a.i they ore accomplishing accomplishing lrtla , ,. ,,, organization, winch ,4 ..,. "' ,o MaT iurln ,l,c .t feu years in the UPl,nlnR Mn.l betterment of the? , lemc to history it splen- splen- V,d u -"n,er -"n,er n,m upo" ',,',..,, ,ear. wUhit face tarn-rcM.!.tclj tarn-rcM.!.tclj tarn-rcM.!.tclj ahead to overcome Ic in the pathway leading ' s gicctc-t gicctc-t gicctc-t hope a home for ,,,, ..meti and girl of Marion. v ,.. ulicre the club women iaI,' .! the orkinK Rlrls of Mari.m and he an influence for ' I liome with a reading r ' -...., -...., ..... tiii room and a r"t room ..... I3rt,s ,.t life can be forgotten ,mld he.-rful he.-rful he.-rful surrounding and t,wl literature. A home wrier ,,. ami svinpathy, ftlciid.dili 3,i k.,.hI will go hand in hand. home where the club women ,an meet with freedom at all ,,.. knowing if is ilcir own. unr THKY ACCOM I'M -mi. -mi. 'nurse. But !t tat don other thing. It has been active In look- look- ! ing after the sanitary conditions of i the city and ha been a great fac-j fac-j fac-j tor in the annual cleanup weekj project. A year ago last Christina i it gave to the European War Relief, fund; it at one time supplied milk J for babies; it gava Marlon itsj " baby" week; it has brought speak-( speak-( speak-( r here who have given instructive i "" , talks; It has helped sell goods madej (nursing care at the bedside, the ar- ar- j bj. ,he bUn(j (n the interest of tbej ranging of the sick room, the P'n-jtate P'n-jtate P'n-jtate blind commission; last spring t ining ot a diet, instruction or advice, (t gent B ,arge donation of new) as to the care of a certain disease, books ,0 tt)e sanatorium for tuber-instruction tuber-instruction tuber-instruction along sanitary measures, t cUgrg t Mt Vernon ami this yean etf- etf- , t . ! u w ill attempt still other things, j The ruble health work eorers , .. .... .... . iiounir trmwt-niiiii. trmwt-niiiii. trmwt-niiiii. ,ki.. tAollnv with this Vpullh Oil ! -?-7RA7E0N -?-7RA7E0N -?-7RA7E0N -?-7RA7E0N OF WOMEN'S CLUES AND ITS WORKS ,th-t ,th-t ,th-t It Has Dene in Past and What It Plans To DoA Membership of 500. the nub c ana owing to tne ii'i'i . s . ,. ... v -wil -wil allon UBS auuurea us uirumnou, death rate among yoange chl -1 -1 rirpn. in Marion, much attention is,'" llUM' ... ( Kiven bv the nurse to child welfare. dubs in the rederanon. When Miss Notestine first came toian's club. Current Topic. Advance this cltv Marion was about to have j Research. Council of Jewish Worn a -baby" -baby" week, and Miss Notestine ! eu, Bay View Reading circle, Pro immediately put forth her best ef-j ef-j ef-j grass. Ben Hur Literary society forts to instruct mothers as to the j Delphian. Morning Musical, Search care of their babes so as to onsei .light and ttouna laoie. ia las' In the past two years the feder- feder- additions in last the ip women of Uie toaerauuu "'.0orn ..iLhi,! unnilnrs. They '-;itlV '-;itlV '-;itlV at'iutu iia. .v. , r rpver vet set before them an ,im but what they win it sooner i iirpnt neeas mat ui iTjiorienced person to look after the imith of city, and care tor aim ,t those suffering of that gredt v.uou. tuberculosis, which was de-o de-o de-o ii-.g ii-.g ii-.g so much of the young man- man- 1 and womanhood of Marlon. -ten -ten the first nurse was brought io years ago last June she brought here as an experiment ,!,e longer she stayed the more ...i(Afl anil tnrlnv TilQ flt. e has necom a immc. ;tion has worked faithfully to pa among children during hot weather. SU are the new lroves Fruitful. j past tw o years. At that time a large amount of j Last spring four cluba came into literature for the care of babies was ; the federation. They were the given out. That the efforts of Morning Musical, the Delphian, the Baby" week have proven fruitful J searchlight and Round Table. An Is shown in that many calls have , e(tort be ml(Je thji yMr t0 in. been made upon the nurse from j crPftse the number of club, mothers since then, asking for fur-. fur-. fur-. The fedPratot) niu over 500 ther Instruction as to the care of Lumbers, This membership in- in- their babies. I eludes over 300 associate members Much welfare work U carried on j Bere form, knQwn bv the nurse and many little llves tronesses have been saved rouh er ca I The lo0,i federation i. a mem-m mem-m mem-m LnJ J are being greatly , b.r of the state federation but not clubs in the local federation being members of the general federation are the Woman's club and the Research Research club. The Marlon federation meets monthly, the first Tuesday of each month at the public library. An added feature last year to these business meetings was a program of papers and music contributed by the various clubs. This kept up an interest in the meetings. The new officers of the federation who will take up the year's work at the meeting to be held at the library library Tuesday afternoon, October 3, at 2:30 o'clock, are: Federation Officers. Mrs. W. H. Molverstott. president; Mrs. W. X. Harder, first vice president; president; Mrs. Kin ma Knappenberger, second vice president; Mrs. Anna Young, recording secretary; Mrs. George E. MeOormick, corresponding corresponding secretary; Mrs. S. O. Klelnmaier treasurer, and Mrs. Frank H. King, auditor. The new department heads are Mrs. A. J. Whiting, civic; Mrs. S. H. Lippincott. health; Mrs. C. T. Wiant. legislative; Mrs. N. F. Tilton, club extension: Mrs. C. C. Petlit, memorial; memorial; Mrs. H. K. Mouser, music; Mrs. T. C. Lawrence, social; MrB. S. L. Leeka, membership; Mrs. W. H. Holverstott, finance. Mrs. J. V. Freeland is the Ked Cross seal agent for Marlon county. Mrs. Holverstott. who also holds an office In the Research club, will be relieved of all offices as soon n In speaking of this child welfare work Miss Notestine said, "1 think the high death rate among these rhiiriTPn fs due to ooor food and poor conditions by which they are! surrounded. ui course umu i weak but then environment has much to do with It. "In the child welfare work the io ffivpR instrue- instrue- .t PUl W lai luc i" I IllliSC yiann ui u.v. b..." V the remoteness of the day ! tlon as t0 proper food, sanitary con- con- . ...... r - ,tn,hini. oH vnti- vnti- ,.itory giving tliern mue i. ! anions, pruiin i.,,!..... ' e tf ,'.v have faith in that their j lation. as these mean so much to in-, in-, in-, will not be in vain. They kno chlid health. Many people still Faith is the substance of ding to the idea that windows must hoped for, the evidence of ! be closed and the fresh air excluded ! not seen " I from the rooms, especially at night. J was thi- thi- faith that won them j These people must be taught that i most orthy of their achieve- achieve- fresh air and often the simplest , - ., ...... ,ua win hrlne relief. nts -the -the public neaun umre. .ftijM.j v- v- rough hard work they were, able Many Cases Kcportert. fill oue of Marion's greatest ana , From tne time miss .luiwunt came here up until oepipuiuer i, she had 186 cases reported to her. Of these forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight were tubercular. tubercular. Six of these tuberculars were sent to the sanitorium at Mt. Vernon. Vernon. Of the forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight cases six deaths were reported. Literature on tuberculosis to the amount of 136 copies were given out during that time to patients and those interested in the disease. "Many requests come from the people as to the care and prevention or tne disease, snowing lorin me irnea iaiiuiuuj i , - . r salarv; it has sold Keu cross "" " ri!tmas seals annuallv: it has i Is as Important as the cure." said nstmas seais "''""- "''""- fact!Miss Notestine in her Interview. :en patronesses in Its row, in iaci V), worked in innumerable ways! Up until September 1 the nurse . ... hut 'had made 953 visits to various . v.. i,o ,a.lhomes. Some pprfcvcnuice nas oruuK'". rd it has received many outside ; "- "- , :' n. n .ms u , Vntpatinp stntpd that manv . - l,ni,P hAPTI VPTV .....j.. - . e Vb.i visits to various! - - - - Some of these calls were ! ,ue n,!W ,ffl(,,a'3 ake f fflt she can devote her entire attention to the presidency. The retiring officers are Mrs. Frank H. King, president; Mrs Put now To Uroaden Scope housing conditions and in tne ma- ma- K,elnmaleri"T,'e president; Mr, jority of these cases illness prevails. S(,haen-eri S(,haen-eri S(,haen-eri second vice presi , ' . ', v,... I Vpon investigation water has been mat uie nuroc is uc.u, i - ,.n j . plumbing and poor housing has been found responsible. On one home large openings were found In the roof covering the room in which a hnv lsv 111. In another home. In which a woman was 111 of tuberculosis, tuberculosis, six to eight people occupied three rooms. ! rt,r.H in id here to stav. the federation 1 "" lines to uroaueu us utujic ...u v ouject to reach Tbrward to a r-mati's r-mati's r-mati's home. In the accomplish-- accomplish-- accomplish-- i iuio oi fpHpmtton is handi- handi- ar.ped with the expenses of the jrw. and it has long been the wish ' ihnt hndv that the city might be . .Li. ti to relieve it ol some oi mio. Miss Nell Notestine. the present rip, and tnose wno preceaeu mo a e shown only too plainly to the :.z(n? of Marlon what great need r, ....... I, r IS I r I H 11,1 a UM.ou. "J " dent; Mrs. F. C. Gegenhelmer, corresponding corresponding secretary; Mrs. 3. Leeka, recording secretary; Mi Etta Jacoby, treasurer, and Mrs. V. L. Stump, auditor. The department heads last year were Miss Rose Rosenberg, civic; Mrs. W. L. Stump, health; Mrs. C. T. Wlant legislative: Mrs. N. F. Til- Til- 'tnn fin h extension: Mrs. G. K. Hoiisinir Com mil tee. cni, ,io. Mr. s c k'loinmn Ipr The nurse, is of tne opinion that - memorial ; Mrs. E. T. Smart there Is a great need of a housing committee, as the city continues to grow. "The work has been steadily s here tor a nurse, no mm:. - --- --- --- - - . . ffrnvinp tht month, sain the nurse. !tie worK mcreasea nere iu m - - ..,..: ,t vr that the services ot uo"But must of this 1. due to the ty-j ty-j ty-j .. . j i nhnM res. Seventy cases have ies rouin very easu c uau. ... , - . i. heon reported this month in com a: Et tne rate manon . ,.,.,.. .0. .; " m -.Md. -.Md. two nurses, according tO:P" " ,l" . " ' " . . . '.. eration to t ,l . rh with! August. Uf tmi numner aoouL nau jhave been typhoid cases. or ...... .1 "T find ceoDle verv ten the public hea.tan urse nr tQ fce M M- M- mJr . i op In Marlon she . . .... .... rr - one am 1s to noip peopie neip . .:ing very well alone, but as the. became to rely upon ber ser-i ser-i ser-i Th-r(l' Th-r(l' Th-r(l' . ereat field In Ma- Ma- mem bership: Mrs. W. H. Holverstott, finance; Mrs. H. K. Mouser. music, and Mrs. J. W. Freeland. Ked Cross seal agent for Marlon county. A Large Attendance. A larrp attendance of the mem- mem- hers and associate members is re-; re-; re-; quested at the meeting of the fed- fed- be held at the library next Tuesday at 2:30 o'clock, when 1 -aw -aw i.m.ia MFltl Via Itialll 1Af1 i ii new uii .uio ci iniBii I find people very' responsive i ana tne committees on the woman's home proposition, wnicn nave oeen investigating this week, will give their reports. One of these com- com- t i - 1 1 more and more, her worki , Th. .-... .-... .-... !".,.;..:." lu, ... . x. , . . rion anu buuic ... , avauaoie places in tun tn "" : o mcrease. Now .he is o te thing, to relieve the,mht ba suitable for the purpose ofjD. secre--peiled secre--peiled against her will and better, , ,h. fc.- fc.- ,, h. neaun snuaiiun mv . ""8 t woman s nome. auuiusi iuu- iuu- nt. to turn aside cases she, ,.... .. h. h in. v.r .Imt- .Imt- that need her. because tbe;uu "Z '" " h(h . ' 7 1..-. 1..-. 1..-. !! contain so few hours and these , the nufM eyery tufn , , commluee made 8 special J". a'l too swiftly when she needs 1 to fQr a the caseg re.ftrl over tne cKy vegt.rday in the ! t.t rover Rreat distances on foot,! without any assist-1 assist-1 assist-1 interest of the women', building I -'t -'t cover reat distances on foot j w her w,thout tny lntegt of th ty of the calls she mst , ance an intercsted partv to. proposition and Ui! oeing in outlying districts. .r,nme worthy citiiens ! rv enthusiast !ar from the car line. Plenty To Do. iff NntwiHn camp, here in "H. She found 'nlentT to she came here but the work 5 irown surnrisinElv fast during oonthi of hr residence In Ma- Ma- The new shops have brought ;opie to the city and the la A h tn.mhnri w'H - i UI Kiiuniiiu" " " ' ' " day. "If some worthy citizens j very enthusiastic over wnat iney would donate an automobile she i paw and over the prospects. They would be able to cover many more; will have a full report for Tuesday a Up,, ammmt nf l.nj ! Vi r Arm lntnrftfltfld in this leases a uay, o ... - aciher time Is consumed each day in project are earnestly requested to dO ! ... .Arf-ttnt-cr .Arf-ttnt-cr .Arf-ttnt-cr .Arf-ttnt-cr .Arf-ttnt-cr FtlhprlHo nreaont to heln bOOSt It. waiaing uci i.e. , v. ome means of transportation must Marlon ha secured the next con-be con-be con-be necured or the assistance of an- an- jvention of the Northwest District of other nurse or else cases must be:the Ohio State Federation which refused. People nave neconre so to relv on the service of the public " lu" I relv on tne service vt ";te i 'as? calls for a great deal of , nealtn nUrse that refusals are not t, ';T5j 's sit.ntinB 3h An not .. . a tl ork among the poor and pov-)r? pov-)r? pov-)r? !'.nckB, as some are led to be- be- rive? much of her atten 3 i the middle class among sometimes receives a small . ... . -r -r services. At times, es- es- ,r i called to give lnsruction ."st!mes care, among the well- well- nt Her3 Is not a worK wora oi lovo anu t- t- i,-Si:itst'rlDg i,-Si:itst'rlDg i,-Si:itst'rlDg t0 the diseases of caell v- v- ii f rented. Organization of Federation. The Marlon Federation of Wom-en Wom-en Wom-en clubs was formed about eighteen eighteen vears ago for literary pursuits and social pleasures. Some there may be who still have the Idea that thia Is the only basis of the federated federated clubs. True, they still have their social gatherings but these re only secondary. The great object, of the .k. ora the nursuit of higher literature as an education, and the betterment of humanity. The great aim of the federttlom . .hnia ia to do good and tbl. ll- ll- va lUlUlUllUUU Uk I 'ir.".Mnt her work. She say.; good it carried on In many wj 'ctsrview with Mis. Notes- Notes- lve much Information of which i . in h.r. (n F.HrtiArv Tt will mccv " ' " . .. . . ! 1 be presided over by Mrs. jonn w. r-Roby, of Lima, the district presi- presi- j i Qeuc. The clubs of the federation, their officers and time of meeting are a. follows: Woman's Club. The Woman's club, which has been organiied longer than any other club In the federation. Is now In Its twenty-second twenty-second twenty-second year baring been organized December 13, 1895. It became federated October 12, 1898. Thfa vmr It will take ud the study j of "Our New Citizen." and the pr- pr- I . . a. f , I T.... 8tj. a"" Phases in public irsit. It may include the tw- tw- rood it has accom plished ha. been the pubc fcealtk alilln nfflpera will be Mrs. Laura Dombaugh, president; Mrs. Clifford 6. Kllng. rice president; Mrs. Cory C. Pettit. recording secretary; Mrs. John E. Waddel, corresponding see- see-

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